Teacher Inquiry Daily 5

Setting up a Daily 5 Programme where children work independently, while showing success.

How can I, manage the Daily 5 programme successfully and continue daily guided reading with students, while developing their independence?

What did I need to do?
1     Introduced overall picture of how the programme worked and what they would be doing each day.

     Next day I  introduced one aspect of the Daily 5
Read to Self
Children had to be specifically taught how to do this
Teach how to fill in a reading log

This took a good week before they were actually reading a full 10 minutes. Even now we still have the pretend to read students days. They need to be reminded how to and modelled.

While learning these skills, children also completed a reading card. This needed to be taught and the expectations of what is expected outlined and modelled.

Expectations of at least 5/6 of the comprehension questions must be correct. We are following up on this very strictly now.

Reading an article to find answers to complete a crossword.
This was met with excitement, but reality was they didn’t understand how crosswords worked. This had to be taught as whole class then small group.

     Word work : Crosswords, grammar book exercises, spelling games, boggle, spelling word practise, ipad games, phonics etc.
Crosswords are spelling age related which get progressively harder.
   Grammar book exercises are taught as a class the previous          afternoon and recapped very briefly before we start the cycle in Daily 5.
      Children can work with a buddy or independently. Need to find more
       activities and games to do. Children need to think before asking for            help.

    Read to Buddy   Poem EEKK!
Elbows to elbows, knees to knees, book in the middle so we both can see.
Both students take a turn at reading
This was taught to Room 7, our buddy class and seems to be working well.

Didn’t take long to teach skills and they are comfortable working with any student.
Barrier: The amount of books we need to borrow from the library each visit.

Skills are taught prior to what is needed as part of class writing programme. So far we have covered sequencing, a list, how to make something and a recount. Publishing for display.

Barrier, spelling, handwriting, neatness and being able to understand what has been written.

Inquiry groups:
Reading Group 1: Jesvin, Rishab, CoryJohn, Maareikura, (7 – 8 years but understanding is limited)

Reading Group 2: Vineta, Zane, Rishit, Cullen, (7 years- poor understanding)

Jesvin, Rishab, Cory John, Maareikura, Vineta, Zane, Rishit, Cullen,

Jesse, Daniel, Jack, Sashela, Lilly, Maddison, need a lot of support too

The writing is often difficult to maintain momentum with such various needs. Presently working on writing good sentences with full stop and capital letters.  Spelling is a big problem. Started a daily 5 spelling words from same family this week, rather than 10 or 12 words at end of week.
The lowest was 1 out of 5 and he hadn’t bothered to learn them (Cory John)

Where to next:
Read with more groups
Children can do tasks in any order
Have selection of books in class from library they can also use.
More photos of children working
Add Technology for research and Listening Post to cycle


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