ALiM Group 2017

ALiM Teacher Inquiry 2017
Big Idea 5:
The same number sentence (e.g. 12-4 = 8) can be associated with different concrete or real-world situations, AND different number sentences can be associated with the same concrete or real-world situation.

Big Idea 7:

 BASIC FACTS & ALGORITHMS: Basic facts and algorithms for operations with rational numbers use notions of equivalence to transform calculations into simpler ones.

Inquiry Question:
How will our focus on worded problem solving and learning specific vocabulary contribute to improved learning outcomes for our target students

Group:  6 year 3, 4 & 5 students,(4 Maori)
         CoryJohn, Bronson, Vineta, Cullen, Rishit

To accelerate their learning in mathematics and understanding of math vocabulary through problem solving, using worded problems in various mathematical concepts.

Talk Moves, Collaborative Learning, Unpacking Mathematic Vocabulary, Front Loading.
Manipulating Different Materials,        Explain, Justify, Show

Teacher Inquiry Daily 5

Setting up a Daily 5 Programme where children work independently, while showing success.
How can I, manage the Daily 5 programme successfully and continue daily guided reading with students, while developing their independence?

What did I need to do? 1Introduced overall picture of how the programme worked and what they would be doing each day.
Next day I  introduced one aspect of the Daily 5 Read to Self Children had to be specifically taught how to do this Teach how to fill in a reading log
This took a good week before they were actually reading a full 10 minutes. Even now we still have the pretend to read students days. They need to be reminded how to and modelled.
While learning these skills, children also completed a reading card. This needed to be taught and the expectations of what is expected outlined and modelled.
Expectations of at least 5/6 of the comprehension questions must be correct. We are following up on this very strictly now.
Reading an article to find an…